NTBI Tribal Cup 2011

In Late March we had the chance to host the other New Tribes Bible Institute campus from Jackson, MI for the annual spring NTBI Tribal Cup!  Tribal Cup is a friendly sports tournament in which we meet up twice a year and compete.  In the fall we have outdoor sports such as soccer, football, ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, and track.  In the spring we square off in indoor sports such as arena soccer, basketball, volleyball, and Ping-Pong.   

Tribal Cup is also a great opportunity to get to know and fellowship with the other NTBI students who in the future may even be our partners overseas! 

We sure had a blast this year even though Jackson took the gold… we’ll just have to win next year!

Here are some pics from Spring Tribal Cup this last March.

One Reply to “NTBI Tribal Cup 2011”

  1. Love all the action shots. Bree is so hard core! Miss you two and glad you’re having fun in Waukesha making my life look super boring here in Cali. Come visit and be bored with me :o)

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