NTBI Represent Event

New Tribes Mission is involved in many countries around the world to expand the reach of the gospel. Here at New Tribes Bible Institute, we are uniquely situated to have an incredible wealth of these countries and cultures represented embodied the students and staff.    Bree and I were able to be a part of the team to host an event here called “Represent Event!”  Represent Event is to highlight these countries and celebrate them through food and dress.  Students and staff brought food dishes and dressed up from cultures they grew up in.  Whether hailing from Brazil or full blood southerner; countless countries and cultures were represented.  We have students from across the country, over 70 MKs from across the word, and a staff who have all spent years serving overseas.

The dishes were everything from West African Hibiscus Tea (served in bags that you bite the corner off of to drink), to Wisconsin Cheese Curds!

Many dressed up, from Tribal Papua New Guinea to NFL jerseys.

We had every continent covered except Antarctica.

This unique quality of our school that is worth celebrating!  The purpose of “Represent Event” is to celebrate these cultures, grow a better appreciation for the students that attend NTBI, and appreciate the incredible diversity that we have here which serves to enrich our time at NTBI.

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  1. This looks like it was a great wayto show off diversity and unity at the same time!! Nice job, I liked it alot.

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