We Need Your Help!

We are so thankful for God’s journey these last few years and cannot believe where He has taken us.  We are now  excited for our next step which is to complete our training with New Tribes Mission (NTM).  To do so, we must complete our training at the Missionary Training Center in Missouri which will take one year. There is so much to learn there and it builds upon the biblical education we had a New Tribes Bible Institute these last two years.  Once we finish the training we will be officially eligible to become members of New Tribes Mission who’s heartbeat is to reach the remaining 2000+ unreached people groups around the world for Christ.


Our prayer is that we would be aligning our lives to God’s will which is to reach the lost and make disciples of every tribe, tongue, and nation. We believe God has been preparing us to be apart of this by reaching out to the Missionary Kids (MKs).  Successful ministry to MKs would be to help reinforce them while on the mission field spiritually, socially and emotionally, reintegrate them smoothly through cross-cultural transition into their “passport” culture, and help reestablish their foundation of faith. We feel strongly that this ministry is vital to reaching the nations as it helps missionary families remain healthy and able to stay on the mission field. God’s plan truly takes a team effort. Behind the missionaries working directly in remote tribes, it takes countless other missionaries who are supporting that work. It takes pilots, supply buyers, accountants, IT, school teachers, etc. Together they work with the goal of reaching the unreached in this world.  However, this “team” does not end there. It takes you, the church body to join the team in prayer and financial partnership.


A good question you may be asking is why the need for more training. Through prayer, guidance from NTM leadership, and our mentors, we truly believe this is our next step.  If you are interested in hearing more about how we came to this decision, please check out our recent blog post “Why MTC” and if you are interested in learning more about ministry to MKs check out http://www.petenbree.com


1. Can you help us get to class this January?  We have already been accepted into the program but need to raise the $10,000 needed for tuition cost.  Every little bit helps.


2. As we get going on this journey, we need to build our monthly financially support team. This allows us to operate to our fullest potential. Please consider joining the team.  

One Reply to “We Need Your Help!”

  1. We love you guys and we’re praying about how we can support you! Praying for an AVALANCHE of support!

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