MK ReEntry 2015

IMG_1369…And that’s a wrap for the 2015 NCF MK ReEntry at Biola in L.A.!!  We had the privilege to serve 32 MKs from around the world, from over 20 countries! We had an amazing group who dove head first into the intense program.  We served with an all-star staff, we had 6 MK Staff who are a few years down road of transition, there were licensed Third Culture Kid Counselors, and Auxiliary staff.  It was truly a pleasure to work with all of them.

11755264_10205018748813007_7981768961005319636_nThe program is intense – no doubt about it.  The MKs are given an opportunity to work through some of the challenges of transitioning cross-culturally.  Tackling elements such as; learning practical “life in the USA”, beginning the process of grieving what they have just left behind, and looking forward to what is coming and how to grow in the Lord through such a daunting task.  It has been a privilege to watch these MKs over the last two weeks.  Cannot wait for the next one! 🙂

Thank you to our 60+ financial partners and the many more prayer partners who have given! Your giving has helped us be in position to help run this program.  Your partnership is so appreciated!

Below are a few pictures, though we have many more great pics on our Google Album.

Lastly, here is a note we received from an MK on the last day – it sure warmed our hearts to read! We wanted to share it because if it wasn’t for our ministry partners… we wouldn’t be here!  So this letter is not just for Bree and I… it is for YOU as well!


Partnering with you,
Pete and Bree Ammerman

3 Replies to “MK ReEntry 2015”

  1. This is great bro, keep it up! Young generations needs someone to show them the way to know God. You are touching many hearts. keep up good work God bless you as you serve.

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